In clinics and hospitals, KEM ONE PVC can not only be found in the buildings. It forms part of medical equipement.

Medical ally for half a century


PVC has been an ally of health professionals for half a century now. More than 25% of medical equipment manufactured from synthetic materials is made of PVC.

PVC is resistant, flexible, easy to sterilise, chemically stable, well tolerated by the human body and provides a perfect seal. It is used in many public-health applications, several of which are absolutely vital to patients:  blood bags, catheters, oxygen masks, surgical gloves, sterile packaging, tubes and conduits.

PVC is the only plastic material authorised by European pharmacopoeias for packaging and storing blood.

See also

  • Automobile

    In recent years PVC use has increased in automobile manufacturing. Today we consider that each car contains on average 10 to 16 kg of the material.

  • Construction

    KEM ONE products have numerous applications in the sectors of construction and public works. They therefore help to make our daily life more comfortable, safer and more attractive.