Fully integrated

KEM ONE’s business stretches from the extraction of salt and the production of chlorine, caustic soda and their derivatives, to the manufacturing of PVC (polyvinyl chloride).

Chlorochemicals: products close to our daily life

Our company uses salt as a feedstock to produce chlorine, causitc soda and hydrogen, which are in turn transformed into hydrochloric acid and bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Chlorine is chiefly used in the production of chloromethanes and PVC. Apart from bleach - a finished product - the other products, especially soda, are used as intermediaries in manufacturing of aluminium, cellulose, paper pulp or soap, as well as in the treatment of water.

Chloromethanes are synthesis agents used in sectors such as pharmacy and agriculture. They are also used as precursors of the whole chain of fluorides, for applications such as photovoltaic panels.

PVC: limitless creativity

Produced from salt and ethylene, PVC has every advantage: it is light, robust, and fire resistant, with remarkable plasticity and durability. It is also impermeable, rot-proof and unaffected by extremes of climate. Most importantly, it is 100% recyclable. With so many qualities it is unsurprising that it is used in a diverse variety of fields.

Products manufactured by KEM ONE help make our lives easier and safer. They can even make live more beautiful as, following the lead of famous designers, many creators are attracted by PVC’s exceptional qualities…

Garden furniture, medicine containers, cosmetic products, car equipment, decorative objects and security equipment, cables and pipes, credit cards, packaging, toys and, especially, products for use in the construction industry. No field is outside the range of this astonishing material!