KEM ONE products have numerous applications in the sectors of construction and public works. They therefore help to make our daily life more comfortable, safer and more attractive.


Residential accommodation, agricultural, industrial, commercial or service buildings, etc. The products manufactured by KEM ONE are the allies of constructors everywhere, whether they are insulating, protecting, heating, equipping or decorating buildings of any style, from the floor to the ceiling.

THE exceptional qualities of PVC chosen for housing

More than half of the European production of PVC is used in the construction and public works sector: it is not by chance. This exceptional material has every advantage. Easily convertible, very low flammability, insulating, weather resistant as well as resistant to chemical aggressions, corrosion, wear and tear, it therefore lends itself to multiple applications.

From floor to ceiling

PVCs manufactured by KEM ONE are therefore used to make window frames, water and heating pipes, gutters, floor and wall coverings, cladding, shutters, plinths, garden fences, and to insulate electrical cables and wires.

Their durability is amazing! PVC window frames, for example, have a life of more than 40 years. As for pipes, they can last for up to more than a century!

PVC has even become essential for the conservation of natural resources and renewable energies : it is now used in blades for wind farms and frames for solar panels.

See also

  • Health

    In clinics and hospitals, KEM ONE PVC can not only be found in the buildings. It forms part of medical equipement.

  • Automobile

    In recent years PVC use has increased in automobile manufacturing. Today we consider that each car contains on average 10 to 16 kg of the material.