In recent years PVC use has increased in automobile manufacturing. Today we consider that each car contains on average 10 to 16 kg of the material.

KEM ONE resins meet all market demands.

Vehicles that are safer and more sustainable


PVC is preferred by auto companies because of its many desirable properties: it is light, aesthetic and acoustic. This thermal insulator can resist ageing, corrosion and fire. It is also very easy to transform and recycle.

These virtues make it ideal for many componants in your vehicles:

  • rocker panel protection
  • sealing and soundproofing caulks
  • door trim, handle coatings, seats, mats
  • cable sheaths and wiring harnesses
  • roof panels, sun visors, and more.

PVC therefore makes our vehicles safer, more pleasant, long-lasting... and even more environmentally friendly: by making vehicles lighter, PVC reduces fuel consumption and, consequently, CO2 emissions!

See also

  • Health

    In clinics and hospitals, KEM ONE PVC can not only be found in the buildings. It forms part of medical equipement.

  • Construction

    KEM ONE products have numerous applications in the sectors of construction and public works. They therefore help to make our daily life more comfortable, safer and more attractive.