Kemaia? Discover the new range of more sustainable products


Kem One is launching Kemaia as part of its CSR strategy and its commitment to “offering a more sustainable range of products and services”

Kemaia (a fusion of Kem One and Gaîa, the planet Earth) is a new range of products with an improved environmental footprint.

Kemaia is a more sustainable version of the conventional PVC and chlorine derivatives products Kem One has always offered.

Recycled PVC and bio-attributed PVC, used in the manufacture of credit cards and PVC flooring made from natural materials, are already available.


Kemaia bio-attributed PVC is a PVC manufactured from renewable and recycled raw materials in addition to fossil resources. These new grades of PVC emulsion, mass or suspension enable you to adopt a virtuous approach, by offering end products with a lower environmental impact, and to reduce your scope 3 environmental CO2 emissions.

Kemaia Recycled PVC*: Kem One is currently the only manufacturer to offer UL2809 certified pre-consumer PVC, with over 99% recycled PVC content.

Find out more about this new range on the Kemaia page

*PVC free of any formulations or additives compared with post-consumer recycled PVC.