KEM ONE's PVC on the sports grounds of Rio


Through Gerflor, olympic supplier, that's sort of KEM ONE in Rio this summer!

Sol sportif PVC KEM ONE

For 40 years, Gerflor has been supplying olympic playgrounds. Once again, the flooring specialist answers the call of the Olympic Games in Rio, by installing sport surfaces for handball, volley-ball and basket-ball competitions, or more than 20 000 m2 of sport courts.


Gerflor is the second KEM ONE's customer for emulsion PVC. These PVC resins, manufactured in our Hernani (Spain) or Saint-Auban (France /Alpes-de-Haute-Provence) plants, are found in the surface layer of sport courts.

KEM ONE's PVC is also used in the manufacture of flooring for residential buildings (new and refurbished for professionals, large-scale distribution), for office buildings, schools, hospitals, as well as in the industry, means of transport and for special flooring in aeronautics for example.