Kem One joins businesses committed to the climate


Kem One, a signatory of the 2019 French Business Climate Pledge, is now officially one of the French businesses committed to reducing greenhouse gases.

101 French companies, totalling €1650 billion in turnover and 6 million employees worldwide, have just renewed their commitment to fighting against climate change. And one of these companies is now Kem One, which has joined the list of signatories of the French Business Climate Pledge.

The companies who signed the French Business Climate Pledge, present at the REF on 29 August 2019

Invited to a round table at the Rencontre des entrepreneurs de France (REF, French entrepreneurs’ meeting) on 29 August, Frédéric Chalmin, CEO of Kem One, explained how energy efficiency has had an impact on the company’s recovery: “By making great investments in more efficient equipment and by adopting the means to manage energy efficiency, in five years we have reduced our consumption by 20%, and our CO2 emissions by 25%.” And the company is planning to continue in this direction: “our carbon estimations for the years to come are similar”, he explains.

Frédéric Chalmin at the round table on businesses’ actions for the climate, with Isabelle Kocher (Engie), Bertrand Camus (Suez), Diony Lebot (Société Générale) and Bertrand Piccard (Solar Impulse)

To limit its carbon footprint, Kem One’s strategy is based around three main areas:

  • investing in more energy-efficient processes, to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels
  • working on the product lifecycle and developing local circular economy strategies (Piicto platform in Fos-sur-Mer,Appel des 30 !in Lyon’s “Chemistry Valley”)
  • developing flexible consumption (load management), to improve the integration of renewable energy

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