Kem One and Arkema further improve fire-fighting resources at Balan


The Balan industrial hub meets the most stringent recommendations in terms of fire safety. Kem One and Arkema have invested €400,000 to modernize their fire-fighting resources.

At the end of October, the Kem One-Arkema industrial hub at Balan introduced new fire-fighting resources. Following 6 months of work, on 10 November the hub's management team were able to present this new safety measure to local authorities.

Kem One and Arkema have built a 3500 m³ water tank - the equivalent of seven public swimming pools. The tank is supplied by groundwater and the level is maintained by automatic means. An independent pumping unit, with a flow rate of 900 cubic metres per hour, now supplies the site's permanent sprinklers and fire hydrants. The system can be controlled manually or remotely by  the intervention teams, required on a full-time basis. The two previous units will serve as a back-up.

The main purpose of the equipment is to protect flammable liquids stored at the site. It will mean an effective response can be made to even the most critical accidents, as independent operation is guaranteed for 4 hours.


KEM ONE further improves fire-fighting resources - Press release 15/11/17 - Document pdf