KEM ONE recognised for good energy efficiency


In October, KEM ONE was awarded ISO 50001 certification, in recognition of its good energy management. The company has set itself the target of improving energy performance by 19% between 2013 and 2020.

KEM ONE has just achieved recognition for its energy management and the programmes introduced at its various sites with a view to reducing their energy consumption and environmental footprint. In October it achieved ISO 50001* certification. In 2015, its Balan site (01) was the first to obtain the sought after label.

KEM ONE’s activities are very energy-intensive, particularly in terms of electricity. Which is why it is important for the company to control its energy consumption. Between 2013 (baseline year) and 2020, it has therefore set itself the following objectives:

  • To improve energy efficiency by 19% (ratio of energy consumed:ton of PVC produced);
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of its activities by 26% (CO2 emitted/ton of PVC produced).


Between 2015 and 2017 it spent nearly €8 million on 45 projects across all its factories, all of which were directly connected with improving energy efficiency (excluding the Lavéra electrolysis conversion project). In return, it expects energy savings of 125GWh p.a., equivalent to the annual energy consumption of a town with a population of 26,000.

As part of this programme, every site is introducing an energy efficiency plan comprising:

  • installation of more energy-efficient equipment (such as variable speed drives to adapt energy consumption to the needs);
  • and careful control of consumption and process controls. For example, simply finding an air or steam leak in a network can help to prevent excess consumption.

We are looking at projects where promising gains are likely but we are also interested in small ways of improving energy efficiency that, when taken as a whole, help us improve in the longer term,” explained Etienne Chardiny, in charge of managing energy efficiency control at KEM ONE.

At the Lavéra plant, converting the old electrolysis process to less resource-greedy membrane technology will significantly boost its performance. For the same production, an estimated 25% less energy will be consumed.

As a company committed to sustainable practices, and a signatory to the Responsible Care world charter, KEM ONE has promised to regularly improve its performance in terms of safety, human health and protecting the environment. Its steps to improve energy efficiency are a direct result of this policy.

*ISO 50001:International standard targeting improvements in energy efficiency. Its aim is to address the increasing scarcity of energy and its lasting increase in price whilst at the same time helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.