C-PVC (or post-chlorinated PVC) is obtained by the addition of chlorine to PVC resin. It thus gains excellent thermo-mechanical performance, chemical resistance and fire resistance.


Thanks to its properties, C-PVC is mainly used in pipes for hot water, where it replaces copper-based pipes to great advantage.

Sold under the trade name Lucalor®, KEM ONE C-PVC is improved in chemical and heat resistance. Post-chlorinated PVC can be formed via extrusion, injection or calendaring. It is used for the manufacture of pipes and fittings, profiles, textile fiber and films.


PVC pipes provides a low-cost and safe solution for domestic water supply :

  • tight pipes, corrosion-free, impact and pressure-resistant (6 bars at 80°C);
  • non flammable, smoke-free;
  • health conformity, compatible with thermal or chemical treatments, limitation of bacterial development due to scale and corrosion ;
  • 98% recyclable, low heat conductive.