Located in Bouches-du-Rhône on a 450-hectare chemical platform shared with other companies, the KEM ONE plant at Lavéra is one of the major European chlorochemicals sites.

A chlorochemicals leader in Europe


Using the brine transported via a brine duct from Vauvert (Gard) and marine salt, the Lavéra site produces sodium carbonate, hydrogen and sodium hypochlorite from chlorine (electrolysed using the mercury-cell process and asbestos-free diaphragms).

All of the chlorine is used on site by different plants which make chloromethanes (chlorine + methanol), ferric chloride and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

This VCM is then polymerised at other sites belonging to the group (Balan, Ain and Saint-Fons, Rhône), to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

The KEM ONE plant at Lavéra is therefore the source of 25% of French chlorine production (3% of European production) and 40% of French VCM production (8% of European production). 

Furthermore, the chloromethane plant at Lavéra is the biggest production plant in continental Europe (20% of production).


300 EMPLOYEES at your service

All levels of qualifications are represented amongst the 300 skilled workers at the Lavéra site, and there is a wide range of professions amongst them: manufacturing operators, maintenance technicians, chemists, design engineers, administrative and accounting personnel, etc.

To guarantee its customers the best possible results, the Lavéra plant prioritises the on-going skills development of all employees. It also relies on a mentoring system, practised at all levels of the business, to ensure that expertise is always passed down to the next level.


Continuous quality improvement process

The KEM ONE site at Lavéra is ISO 9001 certified, attesting to the consistent quality of its production. Like the other group entities they are also committed to on-going quality improvement programs, in which progress plans are developed containing quantified objectives and concrete steps, the results of which are regularly assessed. 

Its control laboratory plays an important role in this area: apart from analysis of raw and production materials, it also contributes periodically to improvements in products, and procedures, in collaboration with the manufacturing services.


Safety first

The safety of people and equipment is constantly monitored. Like all areas of the group, the Lavéra site has a management system which is externally audited according to SIES standards (International System for Safety Assessment). Its activities are also governed by a Technological Risk Prevention Plan (PPRT), an Internal Operations Plan (POI) and an Individual Intervention Plan (PPI). More than 150 personnel are trained First Aid representatives and receive regular training at the CIREEX (International Centre for Resources, Study and Expertise).

Our employees’ knowledge and practical skills are regularly updated. Safety exercises are regularly organised, either internally or in conjunction with the relevant public emergency organisations and services. 

The plant has also a team of professional fire-fighters available 24/7, as well as safety officials trained in emergency response and medical personnel. It has also developed basic training specific to chlorine use, unique in France, and is deeply involved in the ISRS procedure (International Safety Rating System) which can be seen in the implementation of internationally recognised HSE management guidelines.


Important ways to preserve the environment

The Lavéra plant constantly monitors ways to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment and has carried out significant investments in order to improve air, water, ground and underground quality. In the last few years, work has been carried out to improve the thermal treatment of atmospheric vents, to reduce VOC (volatile organic compounds) and mercury emissions, to develop the manufacture of asbestos-free diaphragms for use in chlorine production, and to provide the site with tanks for pH treatment and for the diversion of electrolytic effluent which could pollute the sea with sodium carbonate. The company even has an “eco-centre” which ensures the separation and disposal of waste.


Transparency inspiring trust

As part of a policy of openness and close community links implemented by KEM ONE, the Lavéra site has maintained regular communication with the surrounding communities for a number of years. Plant visits, meetings with local residents and groups (SDIS, companies, DRIRE, CRAM, elected officials, etc.), participation in CLIE (Local Commissions for Information and Exchange), in CLIC (Local Committees for Information and Consultation) and regional professional exhibitions, organising events in partnership with educational groups. All create many opportunities to promote better reciprocal knowledge and build mutual trust. 



KEM ONE - Usine de Lavéra
Écopolis Lavéra-Sud - BP 3
13117 Lavéra

Tel: +33(0)4 42 42 71 23 – Fax: +33 (0)4 42 42 70 18


Employees 310
Activity manufacture of chlorine, caustic soda, sodium hypochlorite, vinyl chloride monomer (VCM), chloromethanes and ferric chloride
Annual production chlorine: 330,000 tonnes
caustic soda: 365,000 tonnes
VCM: 525,000 tonnes
chloromethanes: 130 tonnes
ferric chloride: 32,000 tonnes
Site classification Seveso 2
Certifications ISO 9001 ; ISO 14001 ; OHSAS 18001