The Hernani site, built in 1949, was the first PVC plant in Spain. It is dedicated to the production of emulsion PVC, also called paste PVC.


The Hernani plant is located in the Guipúzcoa province, in the north of Spain. The plant houses the Spanish company’s headquarters along with the production plant.

70 employees, of all qualification levels, work on the site representing a wide variety of jobs: production operators, maintenance technicians, administrative staff, security agents, etc.


An emulsion PVC expert

For over 60 years, the site has been producing emulsion PVC from vinyl chloride monomer coming from KEM ONE Fos-sur-Mer and Lavéra plants (France).

In 2012 then in 2020, the plant increased its production capacity. Current capacity is now 46 000 tons of PVC per year.
KEM ONE, with the Hernani and Saint-Auban sites, enjoys an annual emulsion PVC production capacity of 120 000 tons.

This allows KEM ONE to reinforce its European positions while increasing its presence in emerging countries

Expertise and customer approach

The emulsion PVC produced at Hernani, based on an emulsion or micro suspension process, is used in many applications (floor and wall coatings, sheets, synthetic leather, automotive sealants, toys, etc.).

Most of the PVC from Hernani is sold in Europe (over 70%). However, the site also supplies customers in America, Asia and North Africa.

The Hernani plant is highly efficient and competitive. Its small size allows for simple and adaptable operating processes. The customer is a key partner in the development of company products.

A powerful R&D

KEM ONE has two plastic application laboratories and a research team dedicated to process improvement and new generation PVC development. The plastic application laboratory, located at Saint-Auban (France), is specifically dedicated to emulsion PVC development.

The site’s ISO 9001 certification testifies to its production constant quality. The development of new, highly reliable, specialty products is a major challenge for the institution’s business.

Safety and environmental protection always in mind

Its foremost concern is people and equipment safety. Like each of KEM ONE's entities, its management system is evaluated by external audits based on the OHSAS 18001 framework. Its ISO 14001 certification confirms the site’s commitments towards a greater respect of the environment and natural resources.

The site facilities’ technology is famous and allows reaching very low VCM discharge levels. Hernani is nowadays a reference plant for energy consumption, and in line with European Union’s best available technology.

Thus, the site’s effluents are entirely treated: recyclable material is recovered and re-used. The full sewage treatment allows for a total purification of used water.


Proyectos cofinanciados en KEM ONE: Sustitución de bombas de agua de refrigeración por otras más eficientes


  • 1949: PVC production begins in Spain (Policloro)
  • 1963: Reposa purchases Policloro’s PVC facilities and develops the business
  • 1974: Rio Rodano becomes the business owner
  • 1990: Elf Atochem purchases Rio Rodano’s PVC business
  • 2000: Change in name: Atofina España SAS
  • 2004: Arkema founded
  • 2007: Technological implantation of a closed reactor 
  • 2012: KEM ONE created



KEM ONE Hernani
Barrio Epele, 26

Tel: +34 943 550 800 - Fax: +34 943 552 296


Warning system

The Hernani site has set up a specific alert system to report any crime or offence, any conduct or situation likely to constitute a breach of the law or an attack on the general interest in the context of our activities.


Activity Emulsion PVC
Annual production 45,000 tons
Site classification Seveso 2
Certifications ISO 9001 ; ISO 14001 ; OHSAS 18000