Safety always in mind

KEM ONE intends to be not only a high-performing and innovative business, ready to serve its clients, but also a responsible industrial player, completely and sustainably integrated on the territories where its plants are located. For this reason, KEM ONE places safety at the head of its concern.

A continual progress approach

KEM ONE considers safety to be an inherent condition in professional activity. On each site, our Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) services coordinate the implementation of our safety policy. Preventive action, training and improvements in internal safety are carried out daily.

Our french industrial sites producing chlorochemicals and PVC participate in regular information campaigns for the local residents as well as gathering and sharing information with elected representatives, manufacturers, employees, local residents and public sector services.

A policy of transparency

As part of our policy of transparency we are also committed to informing these same local parties as quickly as possible in the event of significant safety and environmental incident at one of our establishments in accordance with the industry’s “real-time” communication policy. 


Health safety environment & quality charter 12/09/19 - Document pdf