KEM ONE expects everyone of the members of its personnel to comply scrupulously with the rules and its ethics and transparency values.

In order to guide its employees in their day-to-day activities, so that they are always in accordance with the law and KEM ONE’s ethical values, the company has developped a code of conduct.

 An alert system to report misconduct

Under the law Sapin II, KEM ONE set an alert system to report conduct contrary to the code. It takes entirely part of the system to combat corruption and influence peddling and is in the context of the protection of whistleblowers. It is for its part open not only to KEM ONE employees, but also its external collaborators.

The Kem One ethics officer plays a central role : he/her ensures that the alert is processed while respecting the rights of both the author and the person implicated. 

KEM ONE employees and external collaborators may also refer a matter directly to the Ethics Officer, under the attached terms.


Code of conduct 19/11/20 - Document pdf
Alert system 19/11/20 - Document pdf