Environmental protection

As a responsible industrial player, KEM ONE wants to be an exemplary manufacturer in environmental protection and sustainable development. This ambition is based on continuous improvement, an initiative shared by the personnel.

KEM ONE constantly endeavours to minimise the impact of its activities on the environment. In this field, our development is based on continuous improvement and aims at three major objectives:

  • reducing the footprint of our activities on the environment,
  • preserving natural resources,
  • optimising the management of our processes, raw materials and products, throughout their life cycle.



KEM ONE complies with the Responsible Care initiative of the chemical industry. Thus, it signed the revised Responsible Care charter in 2015 and strengthens its commitment to improve regularly its performance in safety, health and environmental protection. 

Read the charter


TO improve energy efficiency

KEM ONE obtained ISO 50001* certification in recognition of its good energy management. Its activities are very energy-intensive, particularly in terms of electricity. That is why energy management became a key issue for the company. Therefore KEM ONE ensures the responsible management of its resources.

Between 2013 (baseline year) and 2020, it has therefore set itself the following objectives:

  • To improve energy efficiency by 19% (ratio of energy consumed:ton of PVC produced);
  • To reduce the carbon footprint of its activities by 26% (CO2 emitted/ton of PVC produced).
*ISO 50001:International standard targeting improvements in energy efficiency. Its aim is to address the increasing scarcity of energy and its lasting increase in price whilst at the same time helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


TO REDUCE OUR environmental footprint

Based on strict procedures, all our sites identify the most significant impacts of their activity on the environment: aqueous sampling and wastewater, atmospheric and noise emissions, waste, etc.

They are all rigorously evaluated and studied. Based on these detailed analyses, every year our teams set themselves priorities for improvement and periodically measure the progress achieved, in order to define new objectives.


KEM ONE facilitates transparency and dialogue with all stakeholders. The environmental performance of its sites is regularly published.

In this approach, each site regularly opens its doors to groups of local people (neighbouring residents, associations, elected representatives, educational groups, etc.) to introduce its activities, professions and products, and openly speaks about health, safety and sustainable development issues.