KEM ONE signed the Responsible Care charter


KEM ONE joined the circle of the companies which had already signed up to the Responsible Care charter, the chemical industries' commitment to sustainable development.

The 25th of June, Frédéric Chalmin, KEM ONE's CEO, signed up the Responsible Care global charter, with other chemical manufacturers. The charter embraces the development and application of sustainable chemistry. 

Frédéric Chalmin (2nd from left) at the signing ceremony (picture : UIC)


Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s global initiative that drives continuous improvement in health, safety and environmental (HSE) performance. Launched in 1985 in Canada, it was adopted in France in 1990 by the Chemical manufacturers association (Union des industries chimiques). Now, most of national chemical manufacturing associations comply with the initiative in more than 60 countries.


In 2006, the manufacturers commitments in health, safety and environmental were formalized in a charter. They have been renewed in 2014, focusing on :

  • the management of chemicals throughout the supply chain;
  • the strengthening of open communication with stakeholders;
  • and the staff engagement on the way of improving behaviours and performance.


The charter is based on 6 principles, best practices and management systems.

Read the charter

KEM ONE is naturally part of the initiative, by placing safety, health and environmental protection at the head of its concerns.