Kem One joins businesses committed to the climate


Kem One, a signatory of the 2019 French Business Climate Pledge, is now officially one of the French businesses committed to reducing greenhouse gases.

European investment bank supports Kem One projects with 50 million euro loan


The European investment bank has approved a 50-million-euro loan to Kem One to finance a portion of its industrial equipment modernisation and R&D projects.

Kem One will adjust PVC prices in December


KEM ONE will adjust its PVC prices in December by anticipating the decrease of ethylene prices.

Kem One consolidates activities and emerges from receivership


On 20 March, the Commercial Court of Lyon certified that Kem One had completed the receivership plan six years in advance and declared the end of the receivership procedure. The company continues to grow and will invest €300M in the coming years to improve its performance.

KEM ONE recognised for good energy efficiency


In October, KEM ONE was awarded ISO 50001 certification, in recognition of its good energy management. The company has set itself the target of improving energy performance by 19% between 2013 and 2020.

Kem One and Arkema further improve fire-fighting resources at Balan


The Balan industrial hub meets the most stringent recommendations in terms of fire safety. Kem One and Arkema have invested €400,000 to modernize their fire-fighting resources.

KEM ONE launches its new electrolysis process at its Lavéra site, getting off to a fresh start on solid foundations


Through the launch of its new facilities in Lavéra, KEM ONE is confirming its ambition to become one of the leaders in the chlor-alkali industry in Europe. The new electrolysis is a key asset for improving the company’s performance and enabling it to pursue its investment policy.

Kem One joins hands with Chemplast Sanmar to manufacture chlorinated polyvinyl chloride in India


Kem One partners with Chemplast Sanmar, one of the leading PVC manufacturer in India, within a joint venture. Located in India, the future plant will provide a domestic answer to the increasing demand of chlorinated PVC, highly prized in the building sector.

The electrolysis conversion construction project begins


Work on the Lavéra site’s technological conversion project has begun. A cornerstone of KEM ONE’s industrial project, the electrolysis conversion forms part of the company’s equipment modernisation plan. This major construction project, totalling around 150 million euros, will be completed by the end of 2016.

The European Commission is allowing Kem One to continue its investments


By agreeing to the support measures from the French government, the European Commission is allowing KEM ONE to continue the implementation of its investment plan.